What is Tube End-forming and its mechanism principle

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Tube End-forming innovative products with more high-tech content have the advantages of high repeatable positioning accuracy, good reliability, simple operation, easy maintenance and affordable price. The machine can fully meet the large, large and small batch production of various body frame bending components of various types of high, medium and low gear buses. It is the necessary special equipment for bus production enterprises to improve production technology. Tube End-forming control system is mainly composed of man-machine interface (HMI), programmable controller (PLC), three servomotors, cylinder and cylinder, etc. The man-machine interface (HMI) with formulation function can store the process parameters of hundreds of workpieces and realize man-machine dialogue. Using Panasonic FP-X, PLC can realize four axis positioning and two groups of interpolation at the same time, which meets the complex control requirements of three-dimensional Tube End-forming control system.

The servo motors in the equipment all adopt domestic advanced AC servo motors, whose function is to realize the rotation Angle control of two axes (bending shaft and rotating shaft) and the feed control of one axis (feed shaft), wherein the feed shaft and bending shaft carry out linear interpolation to complete the bending function, the displacement of the two axes is determined by the bending Angle, and the rotating shaft is rotated according to the instructions. In addition, the solenoid valve with the cylinder, cylinder used to achieve bending power, such as the main clamp, auxiliary clamp, clip, core rod, trusteeset.

Servo motor plays a vital role in this equipment, servo good performance is the key to the normal operation of the whole equipment, by adjusting the parameters, making the servo motor run in the best state to ensure the normal operation of the whole equipment.

Due to the different transmission mechanism, in order to ensure the speed and accuracy of the equipment, each shaft needs to properly adjust the number of pulses required by the final output end to turn a circle, but the two axes to achieve interpolation need to ensure that the number of pulses is exactly the same, by setting the electronic gear ratio of the servo motor can easily solve this problem. Since there are hundreds of kinds of workpiece to be processed, the number of elbows of each workpiece can be specific to as many as 20, because the relevant data of each elbow need to be called in turn, in order to simplify the program in writing can consider using index registers to constantly call these data stored in the human-machine interface formula, and then through a series of real number operations into the number of pulses.

Due to the different types of workpiece processed by Tube End-forming, there is often little margin in the linear feed direction when machining at the final station. In order to prevent the collision between the clip and the auxiliary clip, each action needs to be processed in a specific combination sequence.

Tube End-forming https://www.john-sheng.com/Tube-End-forming