Iverson: Only two truly dominated the NBA; not James or Curry

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Iverson: Only two truly dominated the NBA; not James or Curry

Iverson: Jordan and O'Neal are the only rulers in NBA history

Iverson said in an interview that only two players in NBA history have truly ruled the NBA, and no one can take the title away from them, and these two are the basketball god Jordan and the shark O'Neal. Curry and James were far from Jordan's dominance at their peak.

According to Iverson, Jordan and O'Neal had absolute dominance in the championship race. Jordan went to the Finals six straight years in the '90s and won them all, including two three-peats. O'Neal led the Lakers to three consecutive championships from 2000-2003 and was elected FMVP three times.Curry and James have both achieved great success, but they have not won consecutive championships with the same team.

Iverson said: "Jordan and O'Neal are one of the greatest players in NBA history, they are invincible on the court. Curry and James are great players, but they haven't reached the heights of Jordan and O'Neal."

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